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Have You Bought a Leather Jacket to Impress?

Let’s Know How

A leather jacket is not something that you buy every year. Often because, you fall in love with the ones you already have. And why not fall, when something is so stylish, long living and relevant every year. Every time you decide to bring a luscious leather staple in your wardrobe, you feel and look remarkable. We get that in urban setup, you don’t want to think hard about how to make a statement therefore a leather jacket always proves to be an alluring choice with a T-shirt, jeans or even skirt look.

For fashion lovers who want to add freshness in their ever-favorite iconic jacket style, we have picked some classic and some unconventional jackets to choose from.

  1. Josie Cropped Style Biker Jacket

This biker jacket for women has a subtle take on style with lots of functionality. This cropped style is made with genuine sheep leather and the minimal details do not take away from its tough look. The insides are done with warm polyester lining and what’s not to love about the buttons on the notch style collar and lapels. The zippers in front, side pockets and sleeves are also done in silver which says “moto” without being too loud. The back has stitch pattern on the back which completes its designer look. Look in to the multiple sizes done with precision and invite this eye pleasing classic in your wardrobe.

  1. Alba Biker Jacket with Sheep Skin Fur Collar

When you see Alba, it says cushy to you. But you will be able to say HI to this leather friend in more than one way. Its sheep fur collar is detachable and let’s give some attention to other fine details added to contemporary style in women’s leather jacket. It is hard to ignore the stitch pattern detailing added to the sleeves and shoulder of this earthy brown jacket. The zippers and fasteners are in dull black to finish its vintage feel. Check out which size suits you best, because this superstar is must have for leather lovers.

  1. Mona Ivory Leather Jacket

Why buy a leather jacket when you already have it? But do you have an ivory one? This one often stands out in the first look because of the sophisticated statement that it makes. If you have experimented enough with your black ones, now its time to play more with this chic moto jacket that has been thought differently. The front of the jacket is asymmetric zipper and notch collar style. This moto jacket has matte accessories and zippers to give a lift its other details. The zip pockets have been added on chest on one side and waist on the other side which is sure to function a new way. The waist is done with buckles and back is made simple to strike a balance.

  1. Dilon Quilted Sleeve Leather Jacket

Doing chic just gets easier when you have an item like this in your closet. This warm companion with intricate statement on the sleeve comes with a hood elevates it from the usual you would imagine in a jacket. The inner layer zips up as well which gives you an extra option to style it and the side stitch that meets the side pockets makes it fit better. Sleeves are definite hero in this piece because they are done with such precision. Who can think twice about buying this one? We can’t tell, it’s an absolute hit at House of Jacket.

  1. Deep Red Moto Leather Jacket

Other than its exaggerated notch style collar, this jacket might be the simplest piece you will own in your collection of leather jackets. But then its deep red color instantly gets you on the pedestal and all eyes are on you. This jacket will be perfect for all the times when you want to garner attention without doing too much. This leather jacket has been designed to fit well and deliver functionality with its two pockets hidden under the slit.

These were our absolute favorites for now. Have you decided what your future leather style would be? We will be thrilled to know. Leave a comment.

We often come across great deals of fashion to tell you about, Stay tuned for more.

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