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Why Every Celebrity’s Leather Jacket Game Is So Strong?

You can do it too!

So Yet again we have found ourselves entering the transition season. While many of us are adjusting the temperature of indoors which is by the way never right, we might be missing the opportunity to play with styles. If you have already took out your leather jacket from the back rows but have not thought about looking exceptional this year, we have got you covered.

Taking inspiration from the style icons, we will consider some ideas to give your beloved leather outerwear a sharp look. Whether you have a date night coming or you’re too stuck at work, there is no reason to feel bored or out of options. Let us remind you how celebrities look like a million bucks wearing a leather jacket.

Keep your Favorite T Shirt On

While this research was happening, we really couldn’t decide who did it the best. Literally every celebrity from top models to Hollywood actors have used their leather jackets this way. And we can guess why, its easier to carry, helps you keep warm (but not too much) and it works on the go or in sophisticated settings too.

Try it with a Skirt or Long Dress

Depending on what you own or choose to own in your leather jacket collection, you can nail office or party look with simple skirt, long dress and leather jacket. If Emma Roberts can do it, you can too. For her to create this effortless look, it just took a plain white T shirt, a long black skirt, pointed heels and flashy silver purse. And Viola. If you want a crop jacket style that is as special as hers, we might have something for you in our collection.

For a comfort office look, you may also try a dress with sneakers or boots.

With a Bling

Since leather jacket is so long lasting in your wardrobe, you might not think of it for an iconic look in the first go. But believe us, you can still have a lot of adventure with your leather. Mix and match your leather jacket with a simpler dress and exaggerated accessories. Take a hint from this Mary Kate Olsewho has carried this beautifully to a red-carpet event too.

Enough of Jacket? Get a Coat

The iconic look by Jennifer Lopez is just too hard to miss while making this list. She actually used a leather coat but made such a classic yet doable statement. Her coat was tied beautifully around her waist, but if someone likes it open, you just have to use a flattering top. We have similar coats in our women’s category, take a look at the flattering coat if you don’t already have one.

Leather Jacket with a Crop Top

A creative way to use your crop top is with a sturdy leather jacket. A casual look that is tough, practical and possible for anyone at all. You can even try this look with flare pants or trousers like Selena Gomez did.

No matter what you choose to mix and match for your fall style, the leather jacket instantly elevates your style. Ready to try how worthy your leather investment is?

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